Building Entrepreneur Communities

SFIS, LLC helps smaller cities, towns, and counties grow their entrepreneur communities particularly in Northeast Indiana.  We contract with economic development or related organizations that want to grow their communities from the ground up.

We will help you design and begin a program specifically for your community – leveraging your unique assets and resources, and targeting the specific markets you want to grow.  We have a limited set of resources to go further and operate those programs for you under contract (if you are in Northeast Indiana).

  1. Community Venture Accelerators – applying the concept popularized by tech accelerators like Y-Combinator and TechStars to the needs of smaller, often rural, communities.  Traditional accelerators are found in urban settings and focus on finding the next billion dollar tech company, but the accelerator concept can be tweaked to fit smaller communities and their target markets.
  2. Student Programs – engaging high school and college youth via startup events and competitions.  It is too easy for a smaller community to lose its talented youth.  Early engagement with students can help them build the local relationships with mentors and peers that make it attractive for them to stay in (or return to) the community as they begin their businesses or careers.

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