A New Venture – Founders – at 614 S. Harrison

It seems like forever since I’ve posted here.  A lot has happened during that time.  Important stuff.  Together with Ray Angel and Ryan Imel, I helped found a new venture called Founders.

The night of the last Vertical Leap event, Ray and Ryan started to talk about creating a space where independent developers, artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and others could work to build things.  Six days later, we had the keys to 614 S. Harrison Street.

Another six days later, and without even being officially open yet, over 70 people have been through Founders to see the space.  As I write this from a table in the main room, there is one developer working to my right and three other people off having a talk in one of the front rooms (and since I first wrote that earlier today), about 7 other people have come through).  And this is pretty much the quietest I’ve seen it in days!

The vibe is incredible!

People just show up and do work.  Sometimes by themselves at the main room table with their headphones on.  Sometimes together collaborating on a project.  As Jeremy says, “collaborating the sh*t out of something over at Founders”.  We had a team from the Millennial 2020 Sparktank event head over to work on their winning project.  Nick W. and Evan set up a photo shoot in the back room (and took a few shots of Ray and I while they were there).  And, of course, lot of folks congregate in the front rooms to plan projects in dry erase on the windows.



You’d think that would be enough.  But wait, there’s more!

Besides people showing up to do some work on their ideas, people have just been bringing us stuff!  We had keys less than a few hours when Nick of Twelve Cities brought the “Nick Arnett Memorial Table”.  Destany and Mitch of Colagrossi Studio brought back some Ikea tables from Schaumburg – and then hung out to help set them up.  Ben brought a humongo table, Baskets brought some bar stools – and much more (I’m sure I’ve left a lot of people out who dropped off something).


Come and visit.  Just remember to check in when you arrive!