Resources for Entrepreneurs

Everyone has their favorite entrepreneur information sources.  Here are some of mine.  Enjoy.

Steve Blank’s Startup Tools.  The granddaddy of all entrepreneur resource lists.  Go there and be amazed.

Ask the VC.  Does it have to do with venture financing?  Foundry Group’s managing directors share straight up valuable information.

Pmarca Archive.  When Marc Andreessen took down his blog, people (like Jed Christiansen) took to the internet archive to bring some of the most insightful posts back to life.

Peter Thiel’s Startup Course at Stanford.  Blake Masters edited and published his personal notes from Peter Thiel’s CS 183 Startup course.

Jessica Livingston’s What Goes Wrong.  Drawing from their experience over years at Y Combinator, Jessica’s talk from the 2012 Startup School outlines the main reasons why startups get derailed from success.