TEDxFortWayne – Beyond My Expectations


I was involved with the fundraising side of TEDxFortWayne, so at event day I was not totally up to speed on who all of the speakers were or why they were selected.  Now, after the event, I have to say, “Wow – great job curation folks – what a marvelous set of speakers!”

For those of you who are regular TED.com video-ites, you know that feeling when  a speaker clicks with you.  You know that up to 18 minutes of fascination is starting, and you can’t tear yourself away from it.  Well, that happened multiple times here in Fort Wayne on May 14, 2011!

Here are some of my personal favorites.

Daniel Epstein of the Unreasonable Institute, who asked us to “Change The Fucking World!”, was inspiring.

The Voices of Unity Choir was rivaled perhaps only by Director Marshall White’s talk about the “6 R’s”.

Tony Hudson talked about second chances and the formation of Blue Jacket.

Mark Bly told a great story about how the New American Youth Ballet and Conservatory has taken a wonderfully fresh approach to education.

It was great to see Justin Sharpe of Nanolayer Technologies (and also with Incentive Studio from NIIC’s Student Venture Lab program) talk about nanotechnology applied to energy.

If you weren’t there, or even if you were, follow the conversation on Facebook or at TEDxFortwayne.com where you will eventually see links to all of the videos (once TED.com approves them).

So, what does this all mean (besides the fact that some great videos are being edited)?  Pretty soon, when you go to TED.com, you will find some amazing videos of some amazing folks right here in amazing Fort Wayne doing some amazing things.  And so will every TED.com devotee throughout the world!

Is that cool or what?