Who is This “Ted X” and Why is He Coming to Fort Wayne?

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, TEDxFortWayne is happening downtown on May 14 – just about a week from now.  For those of you who frequent TED.com to watch the superb “Ideas Worth Sharing” videos, you need no explanation.  For the rest of you, here goes.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  The annual TED event is a private, exclusive, expensive event – but all of the wonderful speakers (18 minutes or less, please) are streamed to the web at TED.com.  The concept is to present “ideas worth sharing”, and they have succeeded beyond measure.  I’ve just started to create my own list of favorites, which you can see on my TED.com profile.  Start browsing through the TED.com site and you can easily lose track of time and wonder where the hours have gone.

The “X” in TEDx indicates a local TED (as opposed to the annual international event).  Craig Crook secured the license to hold Fort Wayne’s first TEDx conference – TEDxFortWayne.  On May 14, a great set of speakers and entertainers will descend upon One Summit Square (see TEDxFortWayne.com for the program).

Why do I write about this?  Well, first, the event will be very cool.  I like the idea of TEDxFortWayne enough that I have personally contributed some cash to help sponsor the event.  I invite you to visit TEDxFortWayne.com, check out the sponsorship opportunities yourself (the event is still bootstrapping and can use your help), purchase a ticket (only a very limited number are allowed), and get ready to watch the videos that will eventually be posted.  You can also join the TEDxFortWayne community on Facebook.

See you there!


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  1. Excellent write up Steve and as you well know I am super excited for Fort Wayne to have such a high caliber event. I ask Fort Wayne techies, entertainers, and designers of all sorts to support this awesome event.

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