Steve Franks

Steve Franks

Entrepreneur Coach, Design Thinker, Author

Entrepreneur Coach

Focused on Northeast Indiana high school student founders via nonprofit Believe In A Dream, but always open to talking with any entrepreneur.

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Design Thinker

I collaborate with the incredible team at Gensyn Design to apply Design Thinking toward corporate AI implementations among other strategic goals.

Essays and Articles

I write essays and articles about Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Substack.

DIY E-Books

I write DIY E-Books for startup founders and product innovators. So you can "be your own coach"!

About Me

A resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana, I have co-founded a co-working space, coached a few thousand startups, started and operated several venture accelerators, managed a grant fund, founded a custom software development company, and helped create breakthrough next generation products as an innovation coach.I collect art from local artists. The icon for this section is a drawing of me made by a talented young artist, Ashton Weir (follow them on Insta at @ash.art_0303).