Student Entrepreneurs – Our Next Generation

Maybe it should go without saying, but working with student entrepreneurs is very fulfilling.

I’ve helped large companies innovate by creating breakthrough next generation products, services, and business strategies.  Pretty fulfilling stuff – creating something new and valuable – but NOT as fulfilling as working with student-owned ventures.

I’ve coached entrepreneurs who have raised money, developed and launched technology products, grown ventures, and in some cases accomplished that asset or company sale liquidity event that some entrepreneurs hope for.  Again, that is quite fulfilling stuff – but NOT as fulfilling as helping students grow businesses.

I now coach student entrepreneurs – who are in high school, college, and university.  When I watch the students conduct a successful product launch, or hit a spike in unique website visitors and pageviews, or sign on their first beta clients – it just feels great!  When I tell people how I feel about working with students, they invariably nod their heads in agreement even before I’m finished.  They get it, too.


It seems to me that (with no offense to all of you other entrepreneurs out there), that we intuitively sense that working with student entrepreneurs is MORE THAN creating ventures – it is creating the next generation of entrepreneurial culture!  This next generation of entrepreneurs will carry us into the future.

Give it a try.  Work with a student entrepreneur yourself – or help fund those who do.  You’ll be making a difference – and get a feel-good fulfilling payback.