Do You Feel Innovative?

I recently read an article about how to be lucky.  The author’s thesis, supported by research, is that “… lucky people generate [their own] good fortune via four basic principles.”

First of all, it is an amazing article, and I imagine you’ll all want to go learn those four principles.  But, most importantly, the author went on to operate a “luck school” where he trained people (groups of both previously lucky and previously unlucky), and 80% of the participants reported more luck and happiness.

So, luck can be learned.

My thesis is – and has always been – that the same is true for innovation.  You may feel you are innovative or feel you are absolutely not innovative – but if you follow some simple process steps, you can BE innovative.

  1. Pick something to innovate.
  2. Learn (in depth) what customers and stakeholders value about it.
  3. Brainstorm a lot of ways to provide them that value.
  4. Pick the seemingly best idea (or combination of ideas) and build it.
  5. Launch it and start iterating to make it better.

You may feel completely un-innovative at first,  but if you follow these steps you will be innovative.  And, it’s likely that if you are innovative a few times, you will start to feel innovative.

Innovation can be learned.

What are you waiting for?