Young Innovators – Part 1

We at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (see my About page) are proud to see three of our client companies vying for the Fort Wayne Business Weekly’s 2010 Innovator of the Year Award.  Each has already won its respective category, and on November 11 we will find out who is the overall winner.

Of those three, two are student-owned ventures in NIIC’s Student Venture Lab.  Sweet!  Last year, James Langford of Financial Education Solutions broke new ground and became the first Student Venture Lab venture to win a category.  This year’s award-winning student innovators are:

  1. The Green ABC’s, owned by April Brewster Smythe
  2. Honor Education, owned by Alyssa, Jared, Sean, and Tristan Dugan

The Green ABC’s creates and sells products that help kids learn about green living.  One is a beautifully drawn coloring book that outlines the exploits of Joe and Suzy Green.  Another is a set of flash cards that highlight green living concepts.  Each takes kids on a green journey from A to Z.

Honor Education is creating a toolset for creating 3-D virtual worlds (think creating your own World of Warcraft) called Forge.  On the way, they are also creating a Python programming environment called Visual Python that, as its name implies, simplifies Python programming for beginners.  And they are applying that expertise teaching Python and CGI classes to middle school students.

Congrats to both student ventures!  We wish you both good luck on the 11th.

More to come in this series as we profile other student innovators.