Introducing My Latest Book – Innovation Rules and Tools!

Are you responsible to grow a product, division, or company, but aren’t sure how to kickstart innovation projects that get results?

Are you tired of innovation books that present more flowery rhetoric and rah-rah talk than usable tools you can apply?

You’re in luck!

Go check out my new book, Innovation: Rules and Tools.  I wrote it to give practical advice you can start using today.  It presents 1) rules of thumbs and 2) tools you can use – for each stage of innovation.

The website will show you the table of contents – if you like what you see, you can download it immediately for a paltry $24.95.  It is delivered as a pdf.

p.s. Many thanks to all of my beta readers who provided ideas for improving the first version.

p.p.s For those of you who remember this book being titled differently, you are not hallucinating – the domain name for the other title was registered a few days before I went to register it.  Oh well.  In all fairness, I actually like this title better.