Culture Hacking in Fort Wayne

It seems like more and more of what my friends and I are doing today can be defined as “culture hacking”.  I didn’t invent the phrase.  I read it here:

What is culture hacking?  Adam writes, “Culture hacking at its best is about creating cultures that enable people and teams to achieve greatness. Culture hackers combine and edit cultural systems, practices, values, and viewpoints, try them to to see if they work and share them with others.”  Here are a few examples from around the community

  • The Innovation Center and its Student Venture Lab – creating a place where entrepreneurship is the accepted norm.
  • Robert Clark and Elevate Ventures – growing the investment and entrepreneur community.
  • Craig Crook and TEDxFortWayne – creating a local society that is creative, social, sustainable, and caring.
  • Nick Arnett and the 12 Cities Project – identifying and exhorting growth of our Millennial population and cultural best practices for our city and region.
  • The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Vision 2020 – writing a new chapter in a wide variety of cultural topics vital to our community.
  • Legacy Fort Wayne – funding cultural and other change in Fort Wayne.
  • Dan Swartz – enhancing the downtown Fort Wayne cultural district and the local arts community in general.

Although we do not lack activity by cultural players, I’m not sure these groups think of themselves as hackers – culture hackers, that is.  I’m also sure that I’ve probably offended some people by leaving them off of this short-and-not-intended-to-be-inclusive list (hit me up in the comments).  I’m also not sure that these people see themselves as connected – some do, and some probably don’t – by the common bond of culture hacking.

So, I want to leave you with the question Jim McCarthy asked Adam:  “Where is the culture hacker’s version of the Homebrew Computer Club?”  Where is our place?  Where do we meet and acknowledge that we are all working toward the same goal?
A goal that I say is to hack Fort Wayne culture, little by little, bit by bit – each of us in our own way working to make Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana a greater place tomorrow.


Leadership Zurcher-Style

I had the pleasure of attending the Leadership Conference produced by Adams Central Schools this week.  It was a very good meeting.

Besides the tour of their JetTech new tech school, I heard some great speakers and some thoughts worth passing on.  These come from Paul Zurcher, the 88 year old founder of Zurcher Tire (one of the world’s largest tire distributors, but so quiet and humble that most people don’t even know they are headquartered in Monroe, IN).

Here my four favorites.  There’s a lot of wisdom here.

  1. “Your company’s job is to deliver great performance and develop the ability to do it over and over again.”
  2. “Do the right things right”
  3. “In times of change the learners inherit the world, while the learned are beautifully prepared for the world that was.”
  4. “You’ll be different in 5 years by the people you meet and the books that you read.”

The first quote reminds us to build systems that will sustain us for the future.  The second starts to remind us of the importance of character.  The third is an elegant way of characterizing the plight of the non-learner.  The fourth gives us practical advice for being that positive, sustainable, learner.

Thanks, Paul!