Oh … and One More Thing – a Vertical Leap

When I announced that I was shifting my career to my own ventures, I said that there might be one more announcement.  At last Friday night’s event Graham and Ray announced that I have joined the team at Vertical Leap.

Here’s the announcement at the Vertical Leap site:  http://verticalleap.co/2012/05/19/the-business-invader/

This is just so cool!  I am absolutely thrilled to join in with Graham Bredemeyer, Ray Angel, and Scott BonAmi.  All top notch entrepreneurs.  All committed to growing the startup and entrepreneurial community here – and throughout our country.

Yeah, I know – it looks like I am just lining up as big a list of great entrepreneurs to work with as I can.

  • Chris Pelz
  • Gary Coker
  • Nick Arnett
  • Graham Bredemeyer
  • Ray Angel
  • Scott BonAmi

Maybe I am!  Can you blame me?

So, What Is Steve Up To, Anyway?

By now some of you have heard that I have decided to leave the Innovation Center.  I have waited to discuss this publicly until the Innovation Center made an organizational announcement, which they did yesterday.

Here’s what’s up.

First of all, you should know that I am not leaving the Fort Wayne startup community.  To the contrary, I am doubling down on it.  Starting June 1.

For the past eight years ago I have been counseling entrepreneurs to get serious about their ventures – that their ventures won’t grow as they wish without dedicated and focused effort.  During the same time I have grown a collection of “side ventures” of my own.

A while ago I decided to take my own advice.  It’s time for ME to get serious.


SCI Guild, LLC is a venture I co-founded with Gary Coker to make fun and interesting science stuff for young people.



My Fast Financials is a venture I co-founded with Chris Pelz to make it easy for entrepreneurs to create proforma financial statement projections.


Innovation Rules and Tools is my book about how to innovate anything on demand, a practical, hands-on guide for growth.



Beyond that, I want to find a way to do some kind of work in collaboration with Nick Arnett at Creative Collective,  because I absolutely love what he does.

Last, but certainly not least, I will have another announcement for you very soon.  Stay tuned!

For those of you who attend BizWiz or are in the NIIC Student Venture Lab, NIIC has contracted with me to lead those two programs through the summer, culminating in August’s Demo Day.  I’ll write some pithy reminiscences later about the absolutely wonderful experiences I’ve had with you all over the years.  In the meantime, let’s have some fun this summer!