Ya Gotta Love OFabz

It was the day after perhaps the worst thunderstorm to hit (and I mean “hit”) Fort Wayne in years.  Trees uprooted everywhere.  Literally half of Fort Wayne had no power.  The Lotus Gallery had no power.  But it DID have the OFabz Summer Swimwear Tour! The Launch of OFabz 2012 Women’s Swim Collection!  Ya gotta love OFabz!

The pop-up shop had popped up.  Far out.

The tables were decorated with dinosaurs (dinosaurs??) and flowers.  Heavy.

Friends and customers were arriving and buying brand new, never before seen, new to the world OFabz swimwear.  Groovy.

I was flashing back to the sixties (love, tie-dyes, flowers in your hair).  Peace, brothers and sisters.


Later in the evening, the psychedelic rock  band, Heaven’s Gateway Drugs will play.  Oh wow, man.

Congratulations, Olivia!


Went back for the evening event.  Really sorry I had to leave before the band was on, but here are some pics.  Power’s back on, lots of people there!  Check ’em out.



Hilarious Video – Wonderful Idea

You’ll laugh at the promo video, maybe even sneeze a little soda out of your nose if you’re not careful.

But you’ll love the idea.  Code Club, a UK non-profit, wants to marshall great bunches of teachers to teach young kids 10-11 years old or so how to code.

It reminds me of what Honor Education was doing in their Tech Academy on a smaller, for-profit scale.   The excitement around their classes was always absolutely high – it was infectious.  When I hear what Code Club wants to do, I can see that excitement again – only much, much stronger.

What do you think, Fort Wayne?  Should we put together our own version right here?