Innovation Snack 5 – Skate Where the Puck Is Going

It’s not a seven course meal.
It’s just a snack.
You can consume it in a minute or so.
But, it brings the flavor!

Want growth tomorrow? Sell to companies that are growing. Tomorrow’s leaders. The companies ahead of the curve. Catch them early on to capitalize on their growth.

Who are the companies in your market who …

  1. Are finding market niches that the big dogs don’t want to bother with.
  2. Are using your product in weird, but compelling, ways. Or, don’t like or use your product because your current version is too old school.
  3. Are perceived as either a bit crazy, or too small to be concerned with, to the old school status quo competitors.

These companies are the future of your market. Some of them are the innovators who see things that you and the status quo don’t. They are going to grow into leaders as the market starts to see their vision of the world.

Companies who grow successfully change the market in brand new ways that sometimes look silly to the status quo. Look for those rising star unique thinkers in your market, and solidify your relationship with them while your competitors are still laughing at them. Think of it as portfolio management.

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I write and train about innovation, empowering entrepreneurs to build a better tomorrow.

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