Innovation Snack 7 – Ideation: Relevance Over Quantity

It’s not a seven course meal.
It’s just a snack.
You can consume it in a minute or so.
But, it brings the flavor!

I recently saw a post touting a process to create 10X-100X more brainstorming ideas. Sounds good, but it misses the point of ideation.

The goal is not to create a massive quantity of ideas or solutions. The goal is to create a reasonable amount of HIGHLY RELEVANT SOLUTIONS. Focusing on quantity alone truly proves the saying that, “Ideas are a dime a dozen.” Instead focus on the customer and stakeholder research that enables you to ask the right questions, those that are most relevant to creating big value for those customers.

Innovation return depends on understanding your customers’ needs and values well enough that your ideation can be laser-focused on creating ideas that are highly relevant to customer value. A technique to simply create lots of ideas cannot replace understanding relevance!

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