Innovation Snack 9-1 – Selecting a New Innovation Project. Criteria 1: Passion

It’s not a seven course meal.
It’s just a snack.
You can consume it in a minute or so.
But, it brings the flavor!

If you try at least a little bit, you should be able to identify (brainstorm, ideate) a LOT of potential new innovation projects. Over the next three Innovation Snacks, I am going to describe 3 criteria to narrow down your ideas and select excellent projects.

The first criteria is Passion. How passionate are you about fixing that problem, meeting that need, or fulfilling that opportunity?

Even if a project idea fulfills the next 2 criteria (check back later or buy Made From Scratch to learn what they are), I say scrub the project if you are not passionate about it. Consider that any new product or service solution you create will continue for years to come. If you aren’t into it, your life will be miserable throughout those years. Or, you will do a mediocre or worse job (because your heart is not in it), your customers will sense that, and your return will be below par.

Life is too short to devote years to something you don’t truly care about (even if you think it could bring a good financial return). Plus, customers are smart and notice when companies don’t truly care about their solutions or their customers.

On the other hand, customers also notice when a company is excited about what it creates and sells, when the company’s heart is truly in it, and when the company’s employees reflect an attitude of true passion and caring. And that can lead to good innovation return.

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