A Good Week for My Collaborations

It has been a productive week for me.

First, I launched a new collaboration together with my best friend’s boy, Gary Coker.  Those of you who read this blog know that I am an advocate for youth entrepreneurship.  Well, now I’ve gone all in.  Gary, a sophomore at Canterbury High School, and I are co-founders of a new venture called SCI Guild.

SCI Guild was born to merge science and fun for kids 6 to 15  bring fun to science and science to fun.  “SCI” stands for “Science Creates Intelligence”.  The original idea was (and still is) to create a science based trading card game.  Gary is the TCG expert.  The design of the prototype is well under way.  If you want to hear about the TCG when it is out, go to our site and hit the MailChimp sign up form.

Like a lot of startups, we’ve discovered a way to get started today, without having the TCG completed.  At sciguild.com we’ve started posting science games and science videos.  We’ll continue to add a game and video each week.  And, we have some other ideas for more content.  Go check it out – then tell the kids about it!

Second, my collaboration with Chris Pelz launched a new version of our financial proforma software, My Fast Financials.  We originally put together a very streamlined set of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.  The idea was to keep it simple for those startups or growing companies that don’t need thousands of mind boggling schedules and options – and just want a simple set of projected statements that automatically link and balance.

This week we added 2 new products.  The original product was re-labeled My Fast Financials Lite.  For My Fast Financials Pro (which comes in a 3-year or 5-year version), we added some simple schedules for 10 revenue accounts, 10 payroll categories, and 70 expense accounts (10 accounts in each of 7 categories).  We maintain the basic product philosophy of simplicity, but add enough new functionality to satisfy those who crave a bit more detail.  The new products are great for ventures preparing SBA loan applications or commercial bank loan applications.  Tell your friends!

And, the new products were launched with a new website design by Mike Waskiewicz of News Mogul.  Pretty sweet – Mike is a great designer.

I love collaboration!