A Must See – Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire

Right now, as I type this at a comfortable table at the Firefly coffee house, three student from NIIC’s Student Venture Lab are launching PYPline‘s beta at the World Maker Faire in New York City.

Photo “borrowed” from Graham’s Facebook feed

Many of you are probably now either moving on to read something else or wondering …

  1. What is the world is a Maker?
  2. What is a PYPline?
  3. What does this thing in NYC have to do with Fort Wayne’s Regional Maker Faire?

For those of  you who haven’t moved on, I will try to answer some of this.

First, Makers are uber DIYers.  They build things for the sheer fun of building things.  They share what they build.  Openly and joyfully.  It is a fast growing movement, sparked by O’Reilly Media’s MAKE magazine.  There were about 100,000 Makers at the Bay Area Maker Faire, which like NY’s Faire, is one of the big 3.   Go to the link above and check out the photos – you’ll get the idea.

Secondly, PYPline is the first new web community for Makers.  I am proud to say that the co-founders, Graham Bredemeyer and Scott BonAmi have elected to include PYPline in NIIC’s Student Venture Lab.  They have great vision for PYPline, building it consistently with the open sharing Maker philosophy, and growing it to a thriving community where Makers can mix and share together online just like they do physically at a Maker Faire.

Third, on to the title of this post.  The Tekventure organization is bringing a Maker Faire to Fort Wayne.  Very cool!  October 1 and 2 at Headwaters Park, you will find an absolutely amazing collection of displays – art, inventions, workshops, food, hands-on areas where you can go and play – including an exhibit by PYPline (so you can sign up for it right there).  Check out the huge list of exhibits and activities right here.

DO NOT MISS the Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire, one of the coolest events to come to this city!  Be sure to take the kids!