Are You a Maker?

I was having dinner a while ago with a friend and was explaining how TekVenture is organizing a Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire here October 1 and 2, 2011.  He asked me “What’s a maker?”.

You might think, “Hey, if you have to ask, you aren’t one”, but in this case you’d be very wrong.  Makers (see Make Magazine – where it all started) “build, hack [the “good” kind of hacking], tweak, share, and discover” for the sheer enjoyment of building, hacking, tweaking, sharing, and discovering.

My friend is a Maker, through and through, but he just didn’t label himself that way.  He builds elaborate mechanical and electronic “projects” with his 3 kids.  He and his kids always have some sort of science project going on.  He is the kind of guy that can fix that gizmo of yours that just broke – don’t bother to send it back to the manufacturer.  His basement has more spare parts and tools than a well-equipped Do-It-Best hardware store.  He can explain how things work, and even do it in language that his kids (as young as 6) or your grandmother will understand.

You know the type.  Does this describe you?  Does this describe someone you know?  Have you, your daughter, your son, or your husband built something cool – just for the heck of it?  If so, go to the TekVenture Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire website, click through to the Call for Makers page and sign up to join 99 other people just like yourself showing off your work at the event!