Innovation Snack 2 – Prioritization Is the Enemy of Open Mindedness

It’s not a seven course meal.It’s just a snack.You can consume it in a minute or so.But, it brings the flavor! Prioritizing is often used as a way to become more productive and efficient. For example, focusing on the needs of your big customers can bring you a quick and sizable return. But in innovationContinue reading “Innovation Snack 2 – Prioritization Is the Enemy of Open Mindedness”

Small Business Solutions with Attorney Kyle Gough

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed the privilege of appearing on Kyle Gough’s podcast, Small Business Solutions. We talked about … Small business innovation and the pandemic. The Fort Wayne entrepreneur community. My ebook, Made From Scratch You can listen to the podcast here. Kyle specializes in startup and entrepreneurial law, offering a fresh innovativeContinue reading “Small Business Solutions with Attorney Kyle Gough”