Coaching Conversations

What does a Coaching Conversation cover?

During a typical 1 1/2 hour Coaching Conversation, we discuss what YOU want to discuss – I have no set coaching template into which you must fit. Each Conversation is different, depending on your situation or needs. Some common topics include:

  1. If you’ve never started a business before, we can discuss the very first steps.
  2. If you’ve invented a cool new product, but don’t know what to do next, we can your approach.
  3. If you are stuck or just want another viewpoint, we can discuss a fresh approach to invigorate your existing business.
  4. If customers or investors don’t understand your product or business as well as you’d like, we can discuss how you articulate it to them.
  5. If you have too many market segment choices, we can discuss the right target markets.
  6. If you aren’t sure how to approach your customers, we can discuss your go-to-market strategy.
  7. If you have too many ideas, we can discuss how to find the one perfect for you.
  8. Or darn near anything else!

Literally, the Coaching Conversation can go in nearly any direction – as long as it focuses on making you more successful with your business. We aren’t going to spend our time together discussing your birthday party, just your business.

Each Coaching Conversation will end, however, with you selecting the top three things to think about or do next. These could be action items, they could be questions to answer, they could be alternatives to test or research. Everybody’s top three will be different, but the common thread is that they will always provide you a forward-looking view.

Coaching Conversations are for ALL KINDS of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Your business can be a small side gig, a community-based small business, a nonprofit, or a venture destined to scale to the sky! We can talk.

You may be a first time founder, an experienced serial entrepreneur, a industry expert moving from your industry to start your own thing, an inventor with no business experience, a craftsperson or artist with a dream, a techie, a product maker, a service provider, a marketer, or more. We can talk.

You may be a high school student, a university student, in your prime age, or discovering that retirement is boring and you just have to do more. By the way, Coaching Conversations are FREE to high school students! We can talk.

Where and how do we do this?

If you are in the Fort Wayne, IN area, we can meet at the Start Fort Wayne coworking space in downtown Fort Wayne at 111 W. Berry Street, Suite 211, Fort Wayne IN, 46802. On the second floor of this building by the corner of Calhoun and Berry. There we can scribble on a whiteboard in a conference room. Or, no matter where you are, we can schedule a Zoom.

You can come pre-loaded with some questions to start us off, but you don’t need to. I’ll ask you some questions to get the conversation started. In either case, be prepared for the Coaching Conversation to evolve toward the topics that emerge as important.