Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurship Teachers – Part 3, Dustin Walls

What kind of person is best equipped to teach entrepreneurship?  That’s easy.  Someone who is a successful entrepreneur.

That describes Dustin Walls of Carroll High School.  Dustin has owned and operated a commercial cleaning business for 25 years while teaching entrepreneurship, the academy of finance, economics, and various other business courses for 10 years at Carroll.

Dustin and some of his students at 2012 Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium


In the classroom he is thoughtful and innovative.  When he and I collaborated some time ago to present a JA business plan program in his entrepreneurship class we followed JA’s curriculum outline, but we created and presented our own materials and exercises.

He founded Carroll’s student-run “school store”, Charger Corner.  Dustin secured a $8,500 grant for startup funds, and the store started by selling cappuccino, coffee, snacks, and school supplies.  Since then students have expanded Charger Corner, adding such products as water bottles and the PE uniforms that every student needs.

Dustin has brought students to the Innovation Center’s Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium for years.  At the most recent event, he won the “award” for bringing the most students –  38!  By the way, last year that award went to Riley Johnson of New Tech Academy.

Do his students like what he does?  I think this photo tells the story.  Yes, Dustin, I know I said that I wouldn’t publish this one, but it tells your story:  you make a difference that your students enjoy and value!

Keep up the great work, Dustin!