It has happened to lots of people.  Fires have damaged or destroyed many homes and businesses.  Last week it happened to my business, Founders.

A fire ignited on the floor above us.  As I have said a few times since then, the good news is that the sprinklers contained the fire – and the bad news is that the sprinklers contained the fire.  We were underneath that water.

We’ll tell the full story later, but I’d just like to take a moment here to thank our community for what they did.  The people who were there when it happened made sure that the personal electronics (computers, tablets, etc) were safe.  Word went out on our chat for help clearing the building out the next day, and folks were there at 8:00 to meet the officials who would clear us to enter – and they worked nearly all day long.  I walked into the lounge during the afternoon and found Jay and Steve wrapping mugs and plates in paper for a move – protecting them like they were their own fine china.

You guys ALL absolutely rock!  I am proud and happy to be a part of your community.

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  1. I also made a TV appearance that same night LOL! Was pretty odd seeing myself on the news 🙂

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