Fort Wayne Innovative Network Group

Have you heard yet about the Fort Wayne Innovative Network? Check out their Facebook Page.  Here’s a pic from the first meeting.  About 100 people came to the inaugural event – of a group that is only a month or so old!  Awesome!

The invention of Anton Babich (look him up on Facebook), this brand new group is breathing life into the creative, entrepreneurial culture here in Fort Wayne.  As their FB page description says …

“Ever wanted to gather with others that are driven, motivated, inspired, and have a positive energy? All ages, all business types, and anyone and everyone is welcome!

I met young entrepreneurs doing incredible things here.  I asked for the name of any videographers to refer to a friend who needs a commercial created – and THREE people showed up immediately!  I met entrepreneurs helping breath life into downtown Fort Wayne (Living Loud).  I met young entrepreneurs who had turned to non-profit social mission to make Fort Wayne a better place (A Better Fort).  I talked to entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and developers of all ages who ranged from sheer beginners to seasoned professionals.

The atmosphere at the first meeting was electric.  It took a major league effort to corral the group and quiet it down (with the help of the “biggest voice in Fort Wayne”, seen here pointing).

After it quieted down, everyone got a chance to describe who they were and what they do.

Because the whole idea is to Connect Talents.

And that worked.  Great job, Anton.

p.s. the next meeting is December 16 at YOLO.  Visit the Facebook event page and plan to attend.  The event was posted 2 days ago and already 43 people are signed up to attend!  See you there.

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  1. Doesn’t meet anymore as far as I know. My web site has a list of all current, open groups which are meeting. I keep it up to date. This was an evening group and most open groups meet near noon.

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