From One Steve to Another

Steve Jobs resigned from the CEO role at Apple yesterday.  I didn’t know him, but his work intersected with my life multiple times.

  1. My first computer was a red book Apple II.  No monitor, no disk drive.  TV and cassette.  It was how I first learned to program.
  2. I made my living for a bit selling Apple (and other) computers.  My largest dollar sale was an Apple II sale to a school system.
  3. During the Macintosh launch I was one of the retail salespeople who had the opportunity to buy one for 1/3 retail.  Yes, I bought one.  That was also the same time when I met one of the original Apple haters, a professor who loved Wordstar (look it up) and said, “Harrumph, if its software doesn’t use control codes, it’s not a real computer.”
  4. Some years later, Apple contracted the innovation consultancy I would later join to do a pre-launch 3rd party verification of the original Powerbook’s competitive advantage.  As you would guess, the study confirmed that the Powerbook would hold its market price (that was in the days where laptops were released for $3,495 retail but after a few weeks were selling for $995 street price).   Yes, the Powerbook did indeed hold its price, while nearly all other laptop prices disintegrated (we know because we went back a year later and mapped the price data versus our prediction).  We used the results of that study to highlight the predictive power of our innovation model.  In fact, it is still used – you can read it here:
  5. Today I am on my fourth Macbook and use an iPhone.  I have passed on one Macbook and two iPods to my best friend’s family.

Thank you Steve J – from Steve F