A friend of mine just showed me the list of proposals that the Legacy Fort Wayne task force scored highest among the public submissions.  He was pointing out one proposal that he thought tied to one of my initiatives.

As I scanned the summary, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my own proposal had made the cut!  It hadn’t received many votes on the Feedback Fort Wayne public forum, so I expected it wasn’t going anywhere.  But it ranked 13th among the 441 submissions – according the the criteria the task force applied.

So, using the Fort Wayne Community Trust and City Light Lease Settlement funds to establish a seed investment fund for Technology and Art ventures will get some consideration.  Excellent!

Moreover, when you look over the list, this proposal could easily fit together with one of the others in a collaboration.

  1. Seed Fund for Technology and Arts Ventures
  2. Downtown Live/Work Space for Artists (this was the 4th highest scoring idea)

A downtown space for artists, some of whom are supported by seed fund investments.  This would be exactly what I am already working to establish.  I wrote about it a while ago here.

Not coincidentally, that other entry was the one my friend wanted to point out to me.  Good eye, Jack!