Made From Scratch

Introducing Made From Scratch, a guide to creating a product that is worth buying!

A step by step approach that takes the guesswork out of invention.

Download the 65-page pdf for only $17 at Gumroad!

Made From Scratch is perfect for …

  • Companies revitalizing products for their next generation.
  • Companies expanding into new products or markets.
  • Startups who want more than a minimal viable product.

Table of Contents:

Part One – Find a Problem Worth Solving
Ideas Are Worth a Dime a Dozen (Maybe Even Less)
First, Pick One Community
Second, Brainstorm the Problems the People in that Community Face
If You Are Working in a Team
Narrow Your Ideas Down to One
Part Two – How to Become Expert in the Problem Area
One on One Customer Interviews
Selecting Interviewees
Conducting One on One Interviews
Post Interview Work
Learning by Observation
Google Is Your Friend
Synthesize All of That Information
Sort Data Into Emergent Categories
See the Story Emerge
Archive the Walls
If You Are Sorting By Spreadsheet
Part Three – How to Prepare For an Ideation Session
Identify the Top 10-15 Challenges
Write Each Challenge as a Brainstorming Question
Part Four – How to Conduct an Ideation Session
Select Your Ideation Team
Prepare Your Ideation Space
Bring Everyone Up to Speed
Brainstorm Individual Challenges
Create Integrated Product Concepts
Select the Top Concept

Download the 65-page pdf for only $17 at Gumroad!

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