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New WebSite – Who Dis?

If you’ve visited my website in the past, it looked very different. Thanks for coming back, and here’s why it has changed.

For more than two decades, I’ve worked in the worlds of innovation, startups, and corporate strategy. I’ve coached hundreds of companies, led dozens of breakthrough innovation projects, and even taught strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate school levels. I’ve written some long form how-to books and articles about some of these topics.

But, I’ve noticed that people, myself included, prefer media that gets to point much more quickly. I hate to slug through 400 pages of a business book only to realize that just 10% of the content was actually valuable. Ugh!

I’ve also noticed that the best founders and innovators don’t wait to start until after they study some long text. They start, but they still might want some coaching along the way.

So, I have started writing a series of books that are …

  1. Quick and easy reads with just the valuable content
  2. Written for self starters who want to coach themselves
  3. Still full of the knowledge I’ve learned over those two decades

The first is Be Your Own Startup Coach – and is available today as a downloadable ebook.

It includes …

  • 81 Key Questions – common coaching questions
  • 25 Insights – I’ve learned over the years
  • 5 Deep Dives – into topics that are often misunderstood
  • 60 Glossary Terms – mini dives into the language of the startup world

More to come. Stay tuned!