I write about startups and entrepreneurs. Most of what I publish is at Medium.

+1 Entrepreneur Interviews is my series of stories about awesome Fort Wayne area entrepreneurs who deserve that +1 upvote.

Rich Entrepreneurs Get Richer and … explores some observations about the relationship between pricing and cognitive bias that can hold a startup founder back (and gives some tips for avoiding that).

Stalled Because You Don’t Have a Tech Cofounder? Learn It Yourself! talks about why you need to learn how to make your venture’s technology, even if you are a non-tech person today.

How One Startup Generator Knocks It Out of the Park talks about how INVANTI’s model for startup generation is so effective.

Is Your Startup a Flower or Weed? discusses why a product without distribution will die.

How to Screw Up an Investor Pitch Meeting talks about how to avoid having your potential investor relationship go south.

Design Sprints Aren’t Inefficient Enough for Some Innovation Projects describes a lesson I learned during the days I worked as an innovation consultant.

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For Everyone explains the importance of acting entrepreneurially and growing self-reliance.

Think Big and Side Gig talks about how a side gig could lead you to your big all in venture.

What Kind of Startup Is Yours? describes how the scope and stage of your startup will affect your next steps and funding path.