Be Your Own Startup Coach

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Key Questions, Insights, Deep Dives, and Glossary Terms that help you coach yourself to startup success.


The first time someone starts a company, they are facing a brand new experience. Even if they have worked for years in their chosen field, creating a new company is a different experience.

It helps to have a coach on your side. I’ve done that coaching for the past two decades, working with hundreds of founders.

So that you can coach yourself, I’ve gathered together …

  • 81 Key Questions
  • 25 Insights
  • 5 Deep Dives
  • 60 Glossary Terms (Mini Dives)

To give you a head start on your success!

“A thought provoking walk through to keep the mind active yet focused on a business’s formation. It comes off as straight to the point! A business book without extra baggage. It’s time to get started!”
– Alex, entrepreneur and beta reader

1 review for Be Your Own Startup Coach

  1. Isaac Koehlinger

    This is a very helpful book for anyone at any part of their business/product endeavor. My favorite part was the glossary — this very in-depth and necessary text is filled with a ton of useful words to know. I’ve already taken the points I’ve learned it from and applied them to my business. There are also some very good questions that Mr. Franks asks us (the readers). I spent hours just pondering over them, and have already changed my plan for the future, for the better, because of them.
    I never knew how much I didn’t know until I read this book. If you need help, or even if you don’t think you do, I would go highly suggest picking this up. Good luck to everyone on their project and happy reading!

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