Be Your Own Product Innovation Coach


Key Questions, Insights, Deep Dives, and Glossary Terms that help you coach yourself to product innovation success.


Having A Coach Makes A Difference

There is a reason why the best pro athletes all have coaches. For the same reason that the best business owners all have mentors. Creating breakthrough next generation products is no different. It, too, requires some special skills that take time to learn on your own. A coach will help you learn the fundamentals quickly and hone them, so that you can get top results.

The Best Innovators Are Doers

I know that an innovator is rarely still. They are proactive, they take initiative, they jump right in and create. The last thing they want to do is spend timeĀ  sitting through hours of a class or webinar – while paying big bucks to passively learn. They want to be in the field doing product innovation, and their money needs to go to their product development!

That’s Why I Created This eBook!

It gives you an affordable way to coach yourself. You can start innovating right away, and do it with the assurance that you are applying proven innovation technique.

It contains …

  • 70 Key Questions
  • 25 Insights
  • 6 Deep Dives
  • 37 Glossary Terms

Whether you are developing your very first product or your next-generation version of one of your old classics, creating great customer value is what drives revenue and profit. Your business success depends on it! Coach yourself and create new products with exceptional value!


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