TekVenture’s Chain Reaction Challenge Storms the Library

I arrived at the Allen County Public Library an hour ago.  I walked in beside a family, and the little boy in the family asked his dad what all those people were.  The father didn’t know, so I explained that it was the TekVenture Chain Reaction Challenge and would be very cool.  I just saw them walk by me as I write this – they’ve been here an hour wandering around checking out the Rube Goldberg devices.

One of the attractions is the Purdue entry in the 2011 Rube Goldberg Competition, picture below.  In my very informal survey (I asked my best friend’s two sons), this was a clear favorite.

Purdue University’s Society of Professional Engineers
& Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
2011 Rube Goldberg Competition Entry.

One of the TekVenture organizers, Jane Applegate, told me that they maxed out their available space this year with submissions from 16 teams!  As she said, “We are really excited by the fact that we maxed out the space this year.  This is just such a great forum for the general public to get a sense for what it will be like when  TekVenture has its permanent home!”

She went on to say, “Different links in the Chain Reaction are represented by families, school friends, business colleagues – a true community chain reaction.

Here are some pics.  Enjoy!