Whiteboard Sessions

I’ve been told by the founders I’ve worked with that the time we’ve spent one on one at the whiteboard, thinking through getting their ventures pointed in the right direction, have been some of the most valuable work we’ve done together. Some use the word “clarity” to describe what a session brings to their startup thinking. Having worked with hundreds of startup founders in a wide variety of markets, I know that any founder – new or experienced – can always use a second mind in the room.

I offer four types of Whiteboard Sessions.

  1. Building a Business Model – for those who have a base concept, but haven’t built out a complete business model. We’ll talk through and whiteboard your target market(s), their compelling needs, your solution for those needs, your revenue streams, and how you’ll reach your customers. In other words, the key parts of the typical business model canvases.
  2. Articulating Your Message – for those who struggle with describing their business to customers, partners, bankers, or investors. We’ll talk through profiles of your customers (by segment), their compelling needs, and how your product solves those needs. We’ll distill your message to a set of key brand messages, themes, and phrases – what we want your target customers or other stakeholders to see, read, and hear – and outline a high level view of how it may be communicated.
  3. Laying the Groundwork for a Pitch Deck – for those who are preparing to pitch to investors. We’ll talk through the standard investor slide deck, familiarize you with what the investor wants to see on each slide, map out your initial story line, determine what parts of your story are solid, and determine which parts need more work or research on your part to present an investable story.
  4. Quarterly or Semi-Annual Checkup – for those who are past startup but who want an objective, structured discussion to fine tune (or maybe troubleshoot) their business model or customer message. We will walk through your business model or message and we will identify elements that are either unclear or are not working as you had expected. We will discuss alternatives and outline approaches you can take to further clarify your model or message.

Each Whiteboard Session lasts 1 1/2 hours.  Over the years, I have found that 1 hour is not quite long enough, but 2 hours can be a bit too long. I will give you some pre-work so you can gather your thoughts and make effective use of our time together.  Each session is conducted one on one and in person in a private conference room at Start Fort Wayne’s Atrium coworking space, and you leave with immediate results.  The fee for a Whiteboard Session is $175.

Not quite ready for a Whiteboard Session – want to learn more or just have a chat?  You can schedule an initial 1/2 hour consultation for just $25.

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