Young Innovators – Part 5

Yesterday, I helped plan a new type of business plan competition with Jim Tolbert of Ivy Tech Northeast.

For Ivy Tech students only, this collaboration between Ivy Tech Northeast and the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center will feature a semester of classroom experience at Ivy Tech followed by a semester of hands-on internship (to develop the student’s own business, that is) together with NIIC.

The twist is that a series of competitions during the internship will feature team exercises and a “voted off of the island” component, paring the field down to the top three.

Check back here to see what these young entrepreneurs achieve – and to see what other twists we have in store for the competition!

3 thoughts on “Young Innovators – Part 5

  1. Love Love Love This Idea. Will judges be voting off startups or the startups against each other?

    • They will vote each other off. The “losing” team of multiple ventures will have to select one venture/entrepreneur to leave. Evil, you think?

      p.s. this IS a class, so leaving means they go to another session and continue exercises in parallel with those still on the island.

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